Transforming PMI: A Journey from scratch to glory with altMedia's Digital Magic!

We are really excited to share the growth of PMI (Pakistan Montessori International). Let us speak about the journey but before starting, altMedia wants to know that are you feeling lost in the vast digital landscape?Ready to witness how a small spark can start a big fire? Join us on a captivating journey as we unfold the inspiring case study of our client, PMI, and witness how altMedia, your trusted digital marketing agency, turned PMI’s aspirations from ‘scratch to glory’!
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See PMI struggling to bring in new students, facing a challenge that’s all too common. Here you can see it was a classic case of ‘low-to-no’ when it came to fresh admissions. But every challenge holds the seed of opportunity, and altMedia was about to show PMI how to nurture it and make things easy and achievable.
The story unfolds with PMI’s Facebook page having only 1100 likes and hardly any engagement. This was a tough challenge for us, you might believe? Well, altMedia saw it as a canvas awaiting vibrant strokes. At that point we were ready to paint it with success.
We’re not fans of one-size-fits-all solutions. With a strategy of custom-made ways for PMI, our digital experts set out to bring PMI’s online presence to life. And guess what? The results started to roll in like magic. In just a matter of weeks, PMI’s story was changing from struggle to success.
Here we were about to experience the thrill of watching hot leads pouring in like a monsoon rain. These leads weren’t just numbers; they were potential student’s parents eagerly knocking on PMI’s virtual doors. And guess what? These eager knocks turned into admissions, one after another, marking a significant milestone in PMI’s journey.
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The numbers don’t lie, and they were singing the sweet song of success. With altMedia’s strategies in place, PMI’s Facebook likes grew from a modest 1100 to a staggering 11,000+
But wait…
There are more! altMedia not only fanned the flames but started a wildfire of engagement. PMI’s reach skyrocketed to a remarkable 800,000+, showcasing the power of strategic digital marketing.

altMedia doesn’t stop at ‘good’; we aim for ‘great’ and ‘game-changing’

Witness the expansion of PMI’s influence as we introduced online classes, breaking geographical barriers and making education accessible to a wider audience.
The success story didn’t stop at online engagement. In a mere 10 months, PMI blossomed from a single center to four thriving branches. The dream of making Montessori teacher training accessible became a reality, and the growth continues.

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In the world of digital marketing, PMI’s journey from ‘Scratch to Glory’ stands as a testament to the power of partnership. altMedia’s dedication to custom strategies, creative brilliance, and unwavering commitment set the stage for a remarkable transformation. So, if you’re ready to script your own tale of success, join hands with altMedia! So lets jump into our website and make your brand story as successful as PMI.

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